Trading Strengths

Relationship Driven
Everyone says it. Few deliver it. Sanders Morris Harris does.

We do our Homework. Every Day.
We share our very best answers with our clients. Our trading team, armed with the latest research and market data, works closely with clients to develop unique insights that create better results. We are not the common denominator.

Multiple Choices
One size doesn’t fit all. We fully understand the importance of developing tailor-made products to meet the unique needs of each client. At Sanders Morris Harris, customization isn’t a buzzword, it’s a reality. From orthodox investment advice for liquid securities to the right way to approach the more arcane, our professionals are proud of their record, in both quality and quantity.

We are independent and not bureaucratized by a large corporate parent. This allows us to be on the same side as our clients, building strong relationships and responding to unique needs.

Asset Protection
Sanders Morris Harris provides Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) coverage for client accounts. SIPC protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000. In addition, Pershing LLC, through whom we clear, provides client accounts with excess coverage through Lloyds of London to a limit of $1.9 million per client and up to $1 billion in the aggregate.

Financial Strength
The investment professionals of Sanders Morris Harris are backed by more than their own solid staffs and reputations. They’re backed by a parent company with a strong balance sheet, minimal debt, and more than ample equity. We are financially conservative.

A Buck is a Buck and We Value Your Every Penny
From the simplest trade to the most complex, we are committed to providing our clients with “best execution” trades that are not only discreet, but efficient and cost effective.

The Saying Goes: It’s Who You Know. What You Know Helps Too.
Our traders are among the best. Averaging over two decades of institutional experience, we have the expertise and resources to effectively source natural liquidity and execute discrete equity block and program trades in virtually any market. We are adept at fulfilling even the most sensitive trades with minimal market impact, maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of our clients at all times.

No Corporate Red Tape
No matter the issue, our highly experienced senior-level professionals remain involved throughout execution of the transaction. This top echelon hands-on philosophy offers us the ability to quickly respond and help you find the best solution before it disappears.

Back Office Beauty
That’s not an oxymoron. We think you’ll never notice our operations function. Handling the highly involved, time-consuming execution and back office functions seamlessly, we make it possible for our clients to spend more time managing their portfolios. Whether as simple as opening a new account or as complex as structuring a multi-carrier step-out, we are nimble and able to assist.

Trading Excellence
We offer maximum anonymity with our trades. We control the orders. Within our firm – aided by our clearance agent – we have the ability to cross or sell mutual funds, ETFs, etc. Our team provides extensive trading expertise – and we do not trade against our clients for firm accounts.